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Honoring Renee Grant-Williams' Legacy
By Inspiring Others to Sing.

Renee Grant-Williams has worked with country greats,
Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Dixie Chicks, Carrie Underwood, Garth Brooks, Charlie Daniels, Martina McBride, Randy Travis, Kix Brooks...
And many rock and pop icons, including,
Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera, Linda Ronstadt, Huey Lewis, Scott Stapp (Creed), Ben Folds, Bobby Weir (Grateful Dead), Dave Mustaine (Metallica/Megadeth), and many more...

Renee's Free on-line video voice lessons continue, featuring her proven tools, tips, and secrets that have helped hundreds of successful singers.

By sharing her techniques through Free videos, articles, and other contributions, Renee's legacy will continue for future generations of singers and speakers.
Her works will be shared or made available here, on Renee's Blog, through her Free Newsletter, and on Social Media.

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Renee Grant-Williams has taught Master Classes on 4 continents
and been a consultant to nearly every major record label.
Renee has helped guide the careers of hundreds of successful singers
who have put their trust in her training and techniques.

Renee’s formal education took place at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, where she also taught.
She served as the Director of the Division of Vocal Music at the University of California, Berkeley and worked as a Musical Director at the Actors Studio in Manhattan before eventually establishing permanent residence/studio in Nashville, Tennessee.

Renee's Legacy



Help Share Renee's Legacy

Renee's Master Class

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Singers who have worked with her appreciate the reality-based techniques she teaches that free up the voice and support the high notes, yet still keep the singing real, honest, and from the heart.

Renee trained many judges and mentors for The Voice and American Idol, as well as many of their contestants.

Renee's Products


Renee's Products

Renee arms you with a powerful new set of skills, strategies, and timeless techniques that will help you sing the way you've always wanted to sing.


"My Free Video Voice Lessons are a great way for singers to learn how to sing using good basic technique, as well as tips to help them make wise choices in their careers. It’s important to me that you learn how to breathe, support your sound and sing with emotion. They will help you get the basics down, so you can go straight to your individual needs as a singer. I hope you enjoy these videos as much as my students and I did putting them together." - Renee

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YOU WILL LEARN: Singing with Emotion, Passive Breathing, Creative Phrasing, Sound Production, Career Planning and much, much more.

"I have learned more in the last few months with these free lessons than I have my entire career!" - Ron Boudreau

"You give away better information in your free tips than most teachers give in their paid lessons." - Buck Ellard

She's often said that she doesn't feel her job is to teach people how to sing,
but how to remove the obstacles that prevent them from singing the way they want to sing.

She has an uncanny way of getting right to the source of a problem and finding its solution,
and her specific, easy-to-learn techniques empower singers to bring out the best in themselves.

What Renee's students and industry friends have to say.


Miley Cyrus
"I miss you so much! My voice is so much better now. I can hit high notes without sounding like a dying German Shepherd."


Bob Weir
Grateful Dead, Bobby Weir & Wolf Bros
"Renee is the best vocal coach in the world!!!"


Tim McGraw
"Renee has my changed my whole approach. Her teaching has given me a lot more confidence in my singing ability."


Mary Steenburgen Actress, Singer, Songwriter
"I think Renee is a genius!"


Paul Worley
Producer: Lady A, Martina McBride, Dixie Chicks...
"I recommend all aspiring artists learn Renee's tricks of the trade as early as possible!!!"


Rod Essig
Creative Artist Agency
"...So When they have a little problem, I say here's a phone number to call."


Linda Ronstadt
"I’ve worked with a lot of vocal coaches, but what Renee has to say really makes sense to me!!!"


Dixie Chicks
"She has found the true 'tricks of the trade' that can help anyone improve 100%!!!"


Toni Price
"I can say it in one sentence, if it weren't for Renee's teaching, I woudn't be singing today."


Pat Pattison Author
Professsor at Berklee College of Music
"My mind was blown by this woman!!!"

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