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---"I have been working with Renee for months via Skype and absolutely love it.  Skype allows me to do my lesson with Renee while staying in my own home-it's so convenient and I feel like I am in the actual room with her.  She is a fabulous vocal coach and has taught me so much.  I love working with Renee"!—Amanda Cooksey

Try a Skype session. You have no travel costs--
gas, hotels, meals, parking, down time at work.

Give it a try! ---6 1 5 . 2 4 4 - 3 2 8 0




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In 2005 I worked with Rosie Baker for NBCs television show Three Wishes staring Amy Grant.

New Youtube series "Singin' in the Honky Tonks"

My best friend Brian Bullard: "A MUSICAL DREAM" Anyone Can Whistle


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