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has worked with Miley Cyrus, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Keith Urban and many more. Renee analyzes your--strengths and weaknesses and gives you solutions so you can learn to sing with freedom and emotion. Grant-Williams says, "I'm not going to teach you how to sing, but how to remove the obstacles that may be preventing you from singing the way you want." It's not about perfect tone or pitch; it's about the emotional bond between singer and listener. This is where Renee excels as a voice coach.

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Renee's Blog offers an array of articles, videos and some stuff that's just fun to help you learn to sing your very best. Below are several links to some of Renee's most recient Blog additions.

Caroling Christmnas Songs Bring Joy: Singing or recording Christmas caroles this year? Here's the article that will help you perform these songs with more emotion.


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