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Vocal Coach Renee Grant Williams Has Worked With…

Miley Cyrus

Tim McGraw

Dave Mustaine (Metallica / Megadeth)

Kenny Chesney

Dixie Chicks

Faith Hill

Keith Urban

Carrie Underwood

Linda Ronstadt

Martina McBride

Ben Folds

Bob Weir / Grateful Dead

Jason Aldean

Christina Aguilera

Garth Brooks

Brett Eldredge

Huey Lewis

Charlie Daniels

Miley Cyrus – Keith Urban – Jason Aldean –  Tim McGraw  – Carrie Underwood – Christina Aguilera  – Dave Mustaine (Metallica-Megadeth) – Linda Ronstadt – Garth Brooks – Kenny Chesney – Martina McBride – Brett Eldredge – Dixie Chicks – Ben Folds –  Huey Lewis – Faith Hill – Bob Weir/Grateful Dead – Charlie Daniels

Tim McGraw Rod Essig Miley Cyrus Dixie Chicks Bob Weir/Grateful Dead Paul Worley
"Renee has changed my whole approach. Her teaching has given me a lot more confidence in my singing ability."
Tim McGraw
Student of Renee Grant-Williams
"Renee’s been phenomenal with my daughter and to all my clients. I represent Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, LeAnn Rimes, Shania Twain, Reba McEntire… and I co-represent Christina Aguilera. So when they have a little problem, I say here’s a phone number to call.”
Rod Essig
Rod Essig/Creative Artist Agency
"I miss you so much! My voice is so much better. I can hit high notes without sounding like a dying German Shepherd!!"
Miley Cyrus
Student of Renee Grant-Williams
"She has found the true ‘tricks of the trade' that can help anyone improve 100%!!!"
Dixie Chicks
Students of Renee Grant-Williams
"Renee is the best vocal coach in the world!!!"
Bob Weir/Grateful Dead
Student of Renee Grant-Williams
"I recommend all aspiring artists learn Renee’s tricks of the trade as early as possible!!!"
Paul Worley
Producer: Lady Antebellum, Dixie Chicks, Martina McBride, The Band Perry

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