If you’re only working on music when you’re in the studio or in your band rehearsal space, you’re missing out on tons of opportunities to become a better musician. Sneaking in little moments throughout the day really add up and make a difference over time. But how and when can you take advantage of those opportunities? Try incorporating these six little hacks in the pockets of time you have, and watch yourself gradually become a better musician.

1. Make use of commutes, lunch breaks, and waiting in line
Whether you’re waiting for the train or stuck in traffic, commuting probably takes more hours of your life than you care to acknowledge. Use moments like this to rehearse music you’re learning in your head. It doesn’t have to be transportation-related either; maybe on your lunch break at your day job, you can devote 15 to 20 minutes to mentally practicing. If you’re looking to learn a new piece of music, download the sheet music onto your phone or take a picture of it, read it in your head, and softly hum it out.[How to Practice Without Even Picking Up Your Instrument: A 5-Step Guide]Besides scanning the technical aspects of your music, there’s the performance itself that also needs mental attention. When you have downtime away from your instrument, start planning out what your next show will look like. What will you wear? What will you say between songs? How do you want to represent yourself? Do you have a setlist ready? Don’t leave these questions for the last minute.Envision yourself walking onstage, talking to the audience, and performing song by song. Run through the songs’ changes – do you switch guitars between certain songs? Next time you’re in that ridiculously long Chipotle line or waiting at the doctor’s office, catch up on rehearsing your performances.

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