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Renee’s name has been synonymous with great singers for over two decades and although she calls Nashville home, her reputation extends the world over. She’s the secret weapon the stars turn to whenever they want to perfect their singing technique, correct a voice problem, or to prepare themselves vocally for the rigors of a busy performance schedule.

She’s worked with country greats, Jason Aldean, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Dixie Chicks, Garth Brooks as well as rock and pop icons like Scott Stapp (Creed), Christina Aguilera, Linda Ronstadt, Ben Folds, Huey Lewis, Bob Weir (Grateful Dead) and Dave Mustaine (Metallica/Megadeth). She’s conducted seminars as far away as South America, Europe, and Australia.

Record company executives, artist managers, and world-renowned producers send their clients to Renee for one simple reason–after singers work with Renee, they’re better. She doesn’t just work with stars; she helps create them.

“My job is to show singers how to remove obstacles that may be preventing them from singing the way they want to. I like to get right to the source of a problem and find its solution,” says Renee about her work. “And I’m motivated by progress. I’d rather work with an excited amateur than a bored professional any day.”

For ten years Renee conducted an annual Vocal Master Class, an intense all-day seminar that was an automatic sell-out and attracted attendees from all over the world.

In 2009 she introduced the Mini Clinic, a more intimate format that allows each singer to receive one-on-one training. With only six students admitted to each session, these exclusive clinics have been an instant success.

For vocalists who are not able to receive private lessons in Renee’s Nashville studio or attend one of her Mini Clinics, Renee offers a number of teaching tools that are available in her on-line store including her Complete Performer Package, her Vocal Warm-Up and her digital on-line flipbook The Art of Singing.

A full listing of Renee’s achievements and clients past and present can also be found on her site.

Renee’s formal education took place at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, where she also taught. She served as the Director of the Division of Vocal Music at the University of California, Berkeley and worked as a Musical Director at the Actors Studio in Manhattan before eventually establishing permanent residence in Nashville.

She teaches private sessions at her studio in Brentwood and via Skype. She can be reached at or 615.244.3280.

A Nashville native, Renee has a flexible schedule and can usually rearrange her time to accommodate television, radio, or print interviews on short notice.