A voice problem could be the first warning sign to the singer that there might be trouble ahead. A singer’s livelihood depends on having a healthy set of pipes. It’s a mandatory and on-going concern, so it’s important that you learn how to avoid illnesses by maximizing your resistance and minimizing exposure to the carriers of common voice-related ailments.

Reduce Voice-Related Illnesses

The viruses that plague our respiratory systems surround us, especially during cold and flu season. We can’t escape them. What we can do, however, is decrease our exposure to these airborne enemies and increase our readiness to resist them.

Sometimes a voice problem will begin with a sore throat, so pay attention, that’s nature’s first sign that something is wrong. Avoid using sore throat remedies that numb the pain. The pain is there to put you on notice not to overuse your voice at this time.

If your throat is hurting, take the cue and try not to speak. Use a pad and paper or texting to communicate with others, and above all don’t whisper, that’s one of the worst things you can do to an already stressed-out voice.

Maximizing Resistance

The key to resisting viruses is to have as strong a defense mechanism as possible with which to fight them off. Go back to the basics of maintaining a healthy body and voice — get lots of rest, drink plenty of fluids especially water, avoid alcohol and drinks with caffeine, as they dehydrate the body. Eat well by choosing a good balance of light protein like fish or chicken, carbohydrates, salads, fruits and vegetables.

It also may be wise to limit dairy products; they can create a voice problem in some people by producing excess mucus.

It’s also important to maintain a constant body temperature by avoiding excessive overly air-conditioned rooms, or frequent exposure to cold weather outside. Plan by dressing in layers.

Reducing stress is another good way to maximize your resistance. Overtaxing yourself mentally or emotionally will weaken your resistance as surely as being overworked physically. Try to be well prepared before you perform and schedule wisely to avoid being stressed and overworked at the last minute.

Many people find zinc lozenges to be one of the most successful ways to fight a cold. Zinc destroys the rhinovirus on contact. Don’t chew the zinc lozenge like candy. Let it dissolve slowly, as it must come in contact with the virus in the tissues to work.

Even if your cold has already taken hold, begin taking them as soon as possible and they may help shorten the duration of the symptoms. I take up to 12.5 milligrams about eight times a day.

Minimizing Exposure

Don’t hang around sick people! The obvious strategy for escaping a voice problem is simply to avoid contact with sick people. Be careful in public situations where you could be exposed to shared viruses. When you handle telephones, microphones, sound equipment, and money, you are sharing germs with the last person who handled these items. Wash your hands often with an antibacterial soap and change your toothbrush often, lest it become a breeding ground for dangerous microbes. Don’t forget to get your annual flu shot.

You may never have to deal with a voice problem again if you will follow these simple guidelines.

Get plenty of rest; eat properly; avoid stress and pay attention to what your body is telling you.

Stay away from sick people. Use care when touching objects handled by other people and get treatment as soon as possible if you do become ill. Take care of your voice and it will serve you well for the remainder of your life.

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