“The Art of Singing” Online FlipBook

“The Art of Singing” Online FlipBook


**Available for download only**

This amazing one-of-a-kind, brilliantly-colored digital online Flip Book provides an impressive array of powerful singing skills, techniques and strategies that singers can call on for help in any style of music, at any skill level. Fast-paced and full of variety, The Art Of Singing delivers up a visual feast as well as loads of unique information. We guarantee you’ve never seen anything quite like it before!

**Also now comes with an accompanying PDF you can download to your computer or mobile device.


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Focus on Breath Control

Information you need to know about breaking down the concept of basic passive breathing so it’s easy to comprehend and apply.

Learn About Support

The challenges of good tone and dead-on pitch can be met by learning how to sing with your whole body. It’s easy once you know how.

Truth About Consonants

A broad range of information about this under-valued resource, presented in a manner that makes it easy to absorb and digest.

Give Yourself an Edge

Audiences want an emotional rush more than perfect pitch and perfect tone. Free up your singing by upping your emotional IQ.