The Complete Performer Package

The Complete Performer Package


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Wouldn’t you like to sing better? The Complete Performer Package has everything you need to become the singer YOU want to be.

Package includes: Vocal Master Class, Vocal Warm Up and Pursuing a Singing Career.

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The Complete Performer Package Includes:

VOCAL MASTER CLASS is a three-part series rolled into one DVD giving you all the basic techniques you need at a fraction of the cost of private voice lessons! This is vocal training you can apply to your singing immediately! 94 minutes.
1 BREATH CONTROL: Tension-free breath control—the foundation of all good singing.
2 PRODUCE A GREAT TONE: Easy-to-learn support that makes the most of your natural voice.
3 PHRASING & EMOTION: Phrasing secrets that give you powerful emotional communication.

Daily practice and warm-up exercise routine

Why bother to warm up your voice before you sing? A good warm-up ensures you will coordinate your brain, body, and voice so they work smoothly together.
Ace the high notes
Build up vocal stamina
Sing with more power
Increase your range
Prevent voice damage
See immediate results

“Your breathing technique is great. The Vocal Warm-Up CD allows the vocalist to get a guided workout any time they want. I love it. I’m very busy, always on the go. But whenever I feel like it (usually once a day), I pop in your CD for some quality practice :)”–Samantha Smith

“All of your singing products are simply the absolute BEST! Nothing and No One compares. Thank you so much for all of the GREAT Solid Advice!–Tonya Traylor

A singer’s future depends on more than just the voice. Every singer should have a working knowledge of the business of the music business. “Pursuing A Singing Career” is a must-have 40 minute video by veteran vocal coach Renee Grant-Williams that will help prepare you to make wise choices in your singing career.

​“I had an old voice teacher who had me sing on vowels rather than consonants and my voice would be sore and I would have to rest it a lot. And, I haven’t blown out my voice at all” (using Renee’s techniques)-Luke McBride​​​

Find out:
How to Brand Your Special Image
Why You Must Play an Instrument
How to Find and Choose Songs
Spend Your Demo Dollars Wisely
Choosing the Right Team Members
Are National Competitions for You
And much, much more…

“Wow, thanks Renee! I was clueless and now I have a good idea of what I need to do and not to do while working on my singing career. You’re the best.”–Cathy Snow