Daily Vocal Warm-Up

Daily Vocal Warm-Up


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Renee’s Daily Practice Routine and Vocal Warm-Up will teach you how to ace the high notes, build up vocal stamina, sing with more power, increase your range, and prevent voice damage with immediate results.

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Daily Practice Routine and Vocal Warm-Up
Why bother to warm up your voice before you sing? A good warm-up ensures you will coordinate your brain, body, and voice so they work smoothly together.

Ace the high notes
Build up vocal stamina
Sing with more power
Increase your range
Prevent voice damage
See immediate results

“Your breathing technique is great. Vocal Warm-Up allows the vocalist to get a guided workout any time they want. I love it, I’m very busy, always on the go, but whenever I feel like it (usually once a day), I pop in your CD for some quality practice. “
–Samantha Smith

**For best results, download on a desktop or laptop computer**