I don’t have to tell you that singing jobs can be very difficult to come by. There’s a lot of competition. But, they are out there, you just have to know where to look and what to offer in order to get them.

There are two kinds of singing jobs, those that pay, and those that don’t. If you are at the beginning of your career, you will most likely not get singing jobs that pay, or if they do, they pay very little. As your singing resume grows so will your job opportunities and pay scale.

So where do you get this practice? I get this question all the time. When one of my associate teachers moved to Nashville, she asked me that very question and I responded, what about nursing or retirement homes? She was the first one to take that idea and run with it because she knew that free performances were the best way to hone her craft.

To find free singing jobs to get yourself started you must think outside the box. Look around in your community and ask yourself where there might be a group of people that might enjoy listening to me perform. My associate teacher found this little pizza parlor near her home that had a space where a singer could bring a guitar and play, so she went to the owner and asked if they would let her sing. They were happy to let her. Your local pizza parlor may not have anyone there on Friday or Saturday nights singing. Why not be the first?

I live in  downtown Nashville Tennessee and during warm weather very few days go by when there’s not at least one or two buskers on my street. Go out and find a nice corner on a busy street or near a shopping center, open your guitar case or set out a tip jar and sing. Be sure to check your city ordinance to find out if it’s legal for you to busk, I don’t want to hear about you singing from behind bars, jail bars, that is.

Free singing jobs are a great way for you to begin to create a following. These long-time fans can play a big role in helping you move up the ladder of success. I suggest you work your social media, especially Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts. You must build your list by encouraging people to sign up to get updates on where you are playing. Facebook now offers “live interactive chat” where you can use your phone to allow followers to watch you play live and comment. What a great way to boost your following.

Where have you performed for free and what did you find the benefits to be?

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