I asked my readers what they most wanted to learn from me. The #1 request was how to survive a 4-hour set with your voice still intact. So let’s get to it.

Breath Control

If you’ve been a fan of my blog for any length of time, you know I talk about breath control a LOT. That’s because, if you can get the breathing right, everything else will fall into place. Consider breathing as you would the foundation of a house. A home with a good foundation will last for many decades. But, one with a faulty foundation could be in trouble just years after it’s built. A well cared for voice should last as long as you do.

Let’s start by standing in front of a full length mirror and just breathe. What part of your body moves when you breathe? Is it your chest, your shoulders or your abdominals? If you said your abdominals, then good for you, you are breathing low as you should. If not, give this a try.

1-Still standing in front of the mirror, I want you to put your thumb in your navel and walk it down about 2 inches. This is where you need to put your breath.

2-Using your lower abdominals squeeze out all the dead air.

3-Open your mouth as you release your abdominal muscles. The air will simply fall back in.

4-Repeat steps 2 and 3 to sing (or speak), take another breath when you want to stop a sound.

If you are breathing up high you are most likely using the muscles of your throat to control your breathing. This puts a great deal of strain on your vocal cords and will cause your voice to go out much quicker than it will when you take the air low.

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