Valentine’s Day Challenge

Do you remember celebrating Valentine’s Day when you were a child? I remember cutting a hole in a shoe box then covering it with foil and hearts so that my classmates would have something to put their card for me into. I loved getting the Valentines with all the glitter.

As we grow Valentine’s Day becomes a bit more complicated. Our significant others often expect cards, roses, candy and nice dinner out. If you were real lucky you might get a diamond ring or something else shiny.

Why not take this time of year to let your love know how you feel in your own words rather than those of a Hallmark writer? My Valentine challenge is for you to write a poem pouring out your heart and let someone you love know how you feel about them. Massage it and make sure it’s as real as possible, make sure it comes from the heart. It can be your spouse, your mom, even an imaginary friend. I guarantee a card with your own poem will be a big hit!

If you are, or think you could be, a songwriter, I double-dog-dare you to put your poem to music. If you are not a songwriter I challenge you to give it a try. No one needs to know if you are successful or not, but it’s a great time to jump in and give songwriting a try. Just imagine what you might create!

If you do give this a try why don’t you post it on Youtube and send me a link?


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