Vibrato: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

When I am asked by a producer or record label to work with one of their artists, I try to get specific instructions about what they want to improve or change. I especially need to how much vibrato they want to hear.

Vibrato might best be described as those small up and down rapid fluctuations in pitch, or the wavering tone some singers get when they hold out a note at the end of a phrase. Think: “Dolly Parton.” Think: “the Bee-Gees.” Think: “herd of goats.”

Emotions run high when the issue of vibrato is in play. I’ve heard managers and record label executives give me stern warning to do anything else with their singers, but don’t touch the vibrato. We love it. The fans love it. The label loves it. So don’t touch it. Just do that thing, you know, that thing you’re supposed to be doing. Breathing from the diaphragm or something. Just don’t touch the vibrato. Or, by the way, you’ll never work in this town again… !

Uh, I get it. Vibrato? Good!

Maybe two weeks later someone will draw me aside and tell me in confidence that if I can’t get the vibrato out of their vibrating client, the artist is going to be dropped from the label. Thursday.

Okay, okay. Now I get it! Vibrato? Bad!

And, just to keep it interesting, occasionally I’m asked to create vibrato where none has been heard before.

Uh oh. Vibrato good? Vibrato bad?

Which one is right? To bleat or not to bleat? Ah! That is still the question and it generally boils down to a matter of personal preference. What sounds good to one person may sound not so good to the next.

When nothing specific is demanded I like to give people options. If they sing with a lot of natural vibrato I figure they already know how to do that, so I show them how to get rid of it. The opposite is true of those who have straighter-toned voices. I help them find a way to resonate that brings out a gentler, warmer sound by using vibrato.

To help you make decisions about how much vibrato to summon up you first need to become acquainted with your own natural vibrato. Record yourself singing several types of music and listen back. Pay special attention to the ends of phrases, especially in the ballads. Often a singer will switch to vibrato at the end of every phrase and is not even aware they are doing it.

Analyze the speed and periodic variation in the vibrato of your own voice and determine whether overall you could stand to use more vibrato, less vibrato, or only in certain situations. Future articles will offer solutions for managing your vibrato.

Action Synopsis for Vibrato

  1. Acquaint yourself with vibrato. Listen to singers like Dolly Parton.
  2. Record yourself and listen back. How much vibrato is in your natural voice?
  3. Decide how much vibrato you want to allow in your singing.
  4. Unsure about your vibrato? Post a video on YouTube and send me a link.
  5. Answer the question, How important is the vibrato to your signature sound?

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  1. Daniel Rhoad August 10, 2017 at 3:51 pm - Reply

    Great lesson Renee ♫♥♫

    • Renee Grant-Williams August 14, 2017 at 3:41 pm - Reply

      Thank you so much Daniel, most people do not think about vibrato as much as they maybe should. I appreciate your comment. Renee

  2. P. Boyd November 12, 2018 at 2:30 am - Reply

    This was helpful. I am not a singer myself but I have become a fan of English tenor Alfie Boe. I see comments criticizing his vibrato but they puzzle me. I just genuinely admire his voice and the quality and duration of the notes he hits. His breathing and technique seem impeccable. (See youtube video: Alfie Boe Warbles A Bit). I’d love to read your comments. Thanks.

    • emconline November 12, 2018 at 3:10 pm - Reply

      Hi P. Boyd,
      Vibrato is a personal thing. Some people like it and some do not. I’m sure you are in good company if you like Alfie Boe, if
      not he would not have a career.


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