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Vocal coach Renee Grant-Williams helps you define your strengths and weaknesses and gives you solutions so you can learn to sing better with more freedom and emotion.

“I’m going to show you how to remove the obstacles that could be preventing you from singing the way you really want to sing.”–RGW

What you will learn in a private session will arm you
with a powerful new set of tools, techniques and
strategies that will improve your singing skills.

One-hour private lesson $235
In-studio or Skype

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Get a Vocal Evaluation from Renee for just $75.

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Renee offers lessons by Skype to those singers who live at a distance or prefer to work from home.

On Sale Now $10

We are very excited about our newest online FlipBook,

60 Tiny Tips for Singers – Volume 1

Straight from the teachings of this renowned vocal coach. ​