Like most people, I love and I have sung all kinds of music, rock, pop, opera, classical, country and jazz. But if asked about my “genre”, I identify myself hands down, as a classical singer.

Singers often ask me to help them figure out what genre they should pursue in their singing career. It’s not that difficult; and you really don’t need to pay me the big bucks to answer these questions below. You should be able to nail down the genre that is right for you.

1-What type of music do you usually listen to?
2-What type of music gives you the most pleasure?
3-What kind of voice do you have?
4-What singers do you most identify with?
5-What type of music matches your personality?
6-Are you a stand-still singer or do you tear up the stage?

I think most of us know deep down inside what genre is most natural for us. We just don’t like being boxed into one type of music. But, especially when you first make a name for yourself, you must try to be an inch wide and a mile deep. Once you have success in one field there is no reason why you can’t sing anything you wish.

Take time to really think about your answers to my quiz and let me know if you were surprised by the outcome, or were you basically right on.

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